Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6 years old

It's kinda ironic that my last blog post was about birthdays because yesterday my son turned 6 years old.  Sorry no great birthday decoration photos to share. 

This year we had his party at an indoor water park and they supplied everything.  No joke...we couldn't bring anything in.  At first I was a little bummed about it cause I've always made the decorations, invites, party favors, etc.  But the closer to his birthday we got the more relieved I was that I didn't have to make all these things.  My parents flew out from Arizona to visit and my 8 month old daughter got pretty sick within days of his party and I seriously don't know how I would have put together a party with everything going on around here. 

And you wanna know something?  He didn't care that his party decor wasn't handmade.  I doubt he even remembers what his invites look like.  But one thing he will remember is all the fun he had.  He didn't even make it home before passing out in the back seat.

I did however make one special thing for him to wear on his birthday.  His shirt sporting his new age...6.  I actually made it the night before the party.  Wanna know how?  Sorry no photos due to complete chaos while making this but maybe next time since I use this method often to personalize his blank tees.

  1. I printed out a number six in a font I liked in Word and then cut it out
  2. I cut out a square of fabric for the 6, and a square of double sided fusible interfacing (you can get it at JoAnn's)
  3. You want to iron the back of the fabric square to textured side of the interfacing square BEFORE you cut out the 6 or decal (this makes it much easier to cut and keeps your fabric from fraying)
  4. pin the 6 to the outside of the fabric so it's not backwards and cut out
  5. peel off the back of the interfacing and iron it on to your shirt
  6. I sewed a sloppy line around the 6 to reinforce it but it really didn't need it
  7. you're done


Diario de Elysia said...

Love it! I wish he had something like that here. We have this place called Great Wolf Lodge, but it's over 2 hours away.

An uh yeah, because I am not creative I am going to use your tutorial to make the twins a shirt

Lacy said...

yeah, that place was over an hour away but totally worth the drive.

I'm hoping to post some pics with the tutorial sometime soon but I'm not making any prmises. ; )