Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mia & bathrooms?

So sorry to have left for weeks with no blog posts.  I have been busy making these:

and this

and some more of this

Well, you get the point.  I've been sewing and crafting away for my shop.  Actually, everything I've made/sold has been custom orders and not sold through etsy but I'm not complaining.

So after all that sewing (and did I mention a ton of canning) we've only had a small amount of time to work on our never ending home updates.  We have managed to replace the baseboards in the living room and my husband is in the process of replacing the baseboards in the hallway as well.  Oh, and lets not forget decorating for fall.  I LOVE fall and try to put out as many pumpkins as humanly possible.  If I ever finish before Christmas, I;ll share some photos. ; )

I think the most exciting new house project we've started since I went mia from this blog has been our bathroom renovation.  We are planning on doing a complete over haul of our kids bathroom.  Here is the bathroom before we moved in.

A whole lotta pink, right?  Well, everything (including the super heavy cast iron tub) must go and we plan on remodeling this bathroom this winter.  We started with a minor yet much needed new dual flush toilet yesterday.  We were hopiong to wait to put the new toilet in until we had new tile BUT the old toilet decided to retire early.  Here's my husband installing our new toilet.

and his assistant who is never far from any messy project.

We're still deciding on finishes, tile, colors, etc but we have decided on a few things so far.  The 1st is that our bathroom will never look like this photo.
ha ha ha...but I wish it did.  Atcually, this photo is my inspiration for our new vanity.  I love clean white bathrooms and we'll be going with a white vanity and a framed in mirror like this one.

Aside from that, we're still in the trying-to-agree-on-the-same-things process.  Luckily, we have a few months before any major decisions must be made.

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Katie @ Not Just Decorating said...

That bathroom is gorgeous. Good luck with your project!