Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It looks like the memory card reader on my brand spanking new computer has broken.  Ugh!  So I haven't been able to upload any new photos.  I ordered a external replacement (cheap fix) until I can part with my tower to get it fixed. 

While trying to get my card reader working I came across some old photos I saved on our laptop.  I made a folder on the computer just for decorated rooms I love and craft inspirations.  When ever I get in a funk I like to look through this folder for ideas and motivation. 

I didn't save where I got these ideas so I don't know who to credit for the genius ideas I'm sharing.

I LOVE the colors in this room.  What a fun playroom, right?  You could make the alphabet prints using stretched canvas from Michaels and some scrapbook paper.
Another great kids' room.  I love the colors and all the small details.  I imagine if I had two girls they'd have a room like this.
I love the color combo used in this nursery and the pretty little flowers on the wall.  I've seen these flowers used a lot lately and I'm tempted to buy some or better yet...make my own.
Moving on to my favorite part of the house...the kitchen.  It's not often that I like EVERYTHING about one single room but this is one of those rare moments that I LOVE it all.  It's so bright and airy.  If my husband wouldn't kill me I'd repaint the kitchen and make myself a new curtain asap.

I often get teased for wanting to repaint rooms a few times.

 Another great kitchen....

My workspace/office/craftroom looks nothing like this room but I really wish it did.
So there are just a few of my favorite inspiration rooms.  Hopefully my external card reader will be delivered soon so I can start showing you some of my recent projects.

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