Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 One day after finding out I was having a little girl a huge wave of excitement hit me.  I get to make girly dresses and fun bows for MY little girl. 

 I say one day cause that's how long it took me to accept that she was in fact a girl.

I love having a little boy and I've sewn my share of items for him but you can sew SO MUCH MORE for a little girl.  And now that's she's one and running around (cause it's hard to put a crawling baby in a dress) I've started sewing her tops and dresses.

Here's her 1st dress I made her a few days ago.
 From left to right: brown pillow dress/top (I made an inbetween version to wear with leggings), her dress pictured above, and a fall colored pinafore made from a pattern date 1964.  Cool, right?
I'm working on the matching bows and already picking out my next pattern.  I'm hoping to make more fall clothes and get ahead for next summer too.

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Jo said...

Truly, the best part of sewing for your girl is when they get to around 4T and the dresses and skirts begin getting shorter and shorter. And of course sewing boutique dresses with ruffles, twirl, and matching bows. Your girl is so lucky to have such a crafty mom!!