Saturday, November 6, 2010

pottery barn vase on a dollar store budget

I love Pottery Barn as much as the next gal but if I can make a similar product they carry for 90% less, I'm gonna do it. 

I love filling vases with leaves, acorns, ornaments, and well, just about anything really.
These vases from Pottery Barn linked HERE retail for $39-$59 each plus shipping.  I found another way of making them for about $3 a piece.

Here's how I did it.
  1. Go to the dollar store or thrift shop and pick up a glass vase (cups work too) and a glass candle stick
  2. Next go to the craft store (or Wal-Mart) and pick up glass and China glue
  3. Make sure bottom of glass vase/cup is clean and dry (follow your glue's directions for best results)
  4. Apply glue to candle stick top (I probably use more than really needed)
  5. Apply pressure and push the vase/cup to the top of the candle stick
  6. let dry
  7. fill your new vase with whatever you want
This vase and candle stick was purchased at the Dollar Tree for $2 total.

My smaller vase was a glass cup and candle stick purchased at my local thrift shop for $1.50 total.

Of course my photos aren't as great as Pottery Barn's but once I get these babies filled with some goodies and displayed, you'd never know that they cost me a few bucks.  Oh, and here is another great idea for filler this holiday season.

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