Thursday, October 28, 2010

happy birthday to...

Yup, today is my birthday.  It's been a great day, too.  I woke up to 29 reason I'm lovable (all written by my dear husband) taped to the cabinets in our kitchen. 

Actually, my 6 year old son woke me up asking me if these were clues to a toy hunt taped to the cabinets.  Ha Ha are great, huh?

My husband also reloaded my i tunes balance (love me some music) and helped me reorganize my craft room/studio.  He hung a curtain rod for me to hang the purses I make once they are completed.
He also put up some frames and shelves to hold all my junk treasures.
Oh, and he bought me this table and put it up all in the same day.  It folds flat when I'm not using it.
(Nevermind the ugly wood trim.  I'm hoping to paint it one day and hopefully replace the carpet too)

Here is my little sewing nook.  I plan on painting my sewing table a fun color but haven't decided what color yet.  Well, and I haven't had much time to worry about painting it.  I've got a ton of sewing to do people.
I refolded ALL the fabric I have in the closet (which is a lot).

It's stacked top to bottom.

The cool thing about refolding it all was finding fabric I forgot I had.  It's like it's all new all over again.  Happy Birthday Lacy!

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Julie said...

Sounds like a FAB birthday! What a wonderful hubby you have!!