Friday, February 3, 2012

Not all primers are created equal

I have painted a good amount of furniture and my biggest complaint is that the paint often chips.  I have tried many different primers and approaches to painting but the end result is often the same...the paint chips.

And then I came accross this blog and decided to go ahead and try the bonding primer.  What did I have to lose, right?  I chose Valspar because I buy my pain from Lowe's.
It turns out bonding primer does actually bond pretty well to what you are painting.  So I knew that I would use it to repaint my cabinets.  The last thing I wanted was any chipping after all my hard work.

The process of painting the cabinets went like this:
  1. clean cabinets
  2. lightly sand the surpface with a 220 grit sand paper
  3. wipe clean
  4. paint with bonding primer using a small foam roller to avoid brush marks
  5. let dry (dries fast)
  6. 2nd coat
  7. dry
  8. and paint my white satin finish paint on the cabinets (2 coats)
Yes, decided to paint our white cabinets white again.  You just can't go wrong with white cabinets.

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