Saturday, April 21, 2007

Betcha didn't know..

that my husband was the first and only person aside from my family that I have ever lived with.

Yep, it's true. I was actually planning to move out of my mom's home after I started college. I graduated early from high school and started community college early. I wanted to move out with a friend and needed some more privacy. Being my mom's baby and first child she wanted to keep me close and bought a new home (we were already planning on moving) with a guest house on the property. It was the perfect set up for me. It was like a small apartment and I even had my own kitchen, laundry area outside and carport. But being the lazy teenager I was I always just headed over to mom's for food. We had some great parties in that guest house. Awww, good times.

Anyways, I met my husband while I was living in the guest house and he was on his way out to sea for ROTC through his college. When he returned he didn't want to sign a new lease on his own because we had planned on buying a home (and he didn't have a job yet) and so he shacked up with me in the guest house. Shortly after that we bought our own home closer to school and work.

What's something that your readers don't know about you? Write about it...I'll read it.

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