Saturday, April 21, 2007

One hell of a sucka!

I did the unthinkable and dropped a pretty penny on a vacuum. Yeah, yeah, it'll be a mini van. But hear me out before you sign me up for the PTA. This vacuum rocks! It works so well I was considering pointing it towards the family so that I can sit and peace and catch up on some Ugly Betty. I had to dump the canister 3 times! I just vacuumed the day before with my old Dirt Devil.

My husband told me I was like a kid on Christmas morning with that insane twinkle in my eye as I drool and play with my new toy in my pajamas. Apparently I am not the only one excited over the new Dyson because the first thing my son said when he woke was, "momma, can we play vacuum?"

He almost brought a tear to my eye. So we vacuumed again. lol We have 2 cats, 1 dog, and a toddler...this vacuum was made for my family.

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Lotta said...

So jealous. Will you come vacume my house? I'll pay you in booze.