Thursday, April 19, 2007

Have you seen my brain?

It seems to be missing along with my favorite pair of panties which I am sure the dog has drug under the bed to his secret chewing dungeon. But seriously, this week has just flown by.

My husband is back now and is currently yelling through the house over and over again because getting up and walking 4 feet to the next room would be too much work, right? Hold on, let me see what he needs.

Ok, I'm back and the world can go on. Now where was I? Oh, my husband is back and it's great to have him around. The picture above is the two of us after his graduation ceremony. He lost 20 lbs. at the academy! Damn him! Always making me look bad! I am secretly putting lard in his food now.

We are planning a big party this weekend to welcome him back. I am trying to plan for that all while explaining to my husband why we DON'T need a keg and he CAN'T get shit faced and play the pin the tail on the monkey game that I bought for my son's birthday party.

My husband went to a new uniform for work and tons of gear, goodies, etc. The old stuff is all over the place. I am thinking about throwing a table liner and some decorative pieces over the pile of old uniforms lining my wall and blocking my $12 wallflower.

My son has a double ear infection and insists that a mean kid gave it to him. All day he kept telling me that the kid needs to say sorry. How do you explain to a 2 year old that if mommy ever found the 'kid' who gave him the double ear infection he would be the sorry one? Luckily, we saw the dr. and are on meds so he should be sleeping again soon.

And speaking of sleeping...peace out!

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