Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I really am trying here

In my quest to share my natural crafty side with my son I have fallen short...again.

My mom and my sister are identical. Career driven, must be a size 2, not so into having children, non decorating women. If you asked them to do something crafty they would shoot you a look that would send shivers up your spine. And then reply with, "Why would you make it when you could buy it?" Followed by a smirk.

And then there's me. I dropped out of college and got married at 22 to the man of my dreams. I had always dreamed of staying home with my babies, walking them to the bus stop, joining the PTA, and creating a home. I love to sew, paint, design, etc. I find it relaxing to take on a home project or paint a room. I know...a little weird.
So what would be a better bonding experience between a mother and son than doing something crafty, right? We have a craft area set up by our table and I try to do weekly craft projects with my son. Unfortunately, he isn't too keen on following directions. No, you can't paint the dog! and he would rather destroy than create. Yet, I keep trying over and over again. Like a battered wife I keep crawling back for more abuse.

The unfortunate thing about my quest to have a crafty child is when my husband gets home and I am ready to explode. I take it out on him...totally. By then I have already washed down the walls of paint, picked up all the broken crayons, and thrown away the remaining shredded paper he decided to throw in the dog's water. All while my son screams bloody murder. He wants more?! It's not until I clean it all up as he is running half naked in paint through my home that he decides that he does want to be crafty. Well, I am sorry buddy...TOO LATE!!!

So above is one of our many projects that we made to put above his bed. I got the idea from a friend and wanted to try it out. I wanted some pictures up on his walls but didn't want any themes or characters. He did pretty well but it was a lot of work for me. The end result is perfect though and high enough on the wall to where he can't tear it down.

disclaimer: I love my mom and sister and they are great women. We are just different.


Offshore Wife said...

The art is great! It is something you guys will always cherish.

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Cocoa Dreams said...

Your so right, it's so hard to do crafts with little kids. Even harder when you are a perfectionist!!