Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hot date with a minivan dealer

I am just going to be upfront and honest with you. I have danced around the fact that we need a minivan for some time now. I have tried an SUV, and a hatchback in hopes of getting the extra space I need. But I keep falling short. The only place I am doing well is the gas saving department. But I guessing that won't matter too much when my dog is tied down to the top of my car in this 118 degree heat because there is no space left inside for him.

So my husband and I have decided that since we are in no hurry that we would start looking into buying a new car. You know just test drive some that we like, talk numbers, look into selling my car, etc. And it all started last night. We had a hot date with Honda that didn't go well and I doubt they will be calling me back for a second date. I am as firm and stubborn as they come. And in most aspects of life this would be my downfall but in the car buying business I am a god. They basically wanted to give me a big mac and fries as a trade in value on my almost new car and I refused (and I was pretty hungry). Tonight we have a date with Toyota and maybe Nissan tomorrow.

I really have my heart set on the Honda Odyssey Touring edition but the price is about $10k more than I want to spend. I just love the leather, dvd, back up sensor, etc. I know this might sound snotty but if I have to drive a minivan I want the best minivan and I want all the bells and whistles it can come with.

It's either that or the new Tahoe my husband has been drooling over. And with 10 miles to the gallon it's hard to pass on. rolling eyes Men are so unrealistic. But in all fairness my coolness meter would go up quite a bit in that Tahoe. Decisions, decisions.

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