Monday, June 4, 2007

I spoke too soon

My almost 3 year old son amazed us all by using the potty with little bribery or pleading on our part. He got so good that he even walked in and did his business without us reminding him every other minute. I was so proud and shared it with everyone (even the lady working at Starbucks).
I got that glow that mothers get when they do something right...for once. Like an unspoken award amongst us mothers for accomplishing yet another obstacle in parenting and doing it right along the way.

And then...

the novelty wore off for my son. He came to realize that it's much easier to pee and poop in your pants. Especially when you are busy playing. Once all the rewards (popsicles) were gone and the applause faded he decided this gig was up.

He has peed in his pants 2 times now. Once while on the toilet though (he forgot an important step in peeing on the potty-taking down your pants). And I just finished up cleaning up the third load of crap in his pants which he created only 3 feet away from me. He knows what he has to do and yet he chooses to have me wipe his butt (and legs, and feet, etc.).

I am starting to think I am too easy on him. Please don't tell my husband I said that. I don't know if I give him credit for how smart and devious he can be.

This time I put him in timeout (his room with tons of toys) for almost 10 minutes while I cleaned it up. This was about 7 minutes longer than he has ever been in time out. I thought surely this would get my point across but as I walked inside from spraying off yet another pair of poo poo pants with the hose my son had managed to get some swimming stuff together and greeted me asking if I was ready to go swim. WHAT?! I suck at punishment. After hanging my head low in defeat I sat him down and explained to him why I was mad and that next time he needs to use the potty. The conversation ended with him saying, "what?"

big sigh

A friend of mine gave me a great idea of hosing my son down when he has an accident. And I think this just might work if it was cooler outside. Right now it would be refreshing and probably encourage more poo poo pants but I am willing to try anything once. I am at a lost for what to do next.

Cue corny yet inspiring music now (push play)

One thing I do know is that I will not back down and put a diaper back on him. He has to be potty trained to start preschool and after getting through the waiting list and putting down our deposit I will not pull him out because he would rather have me wipe his ass. I am in a power struggle with a toddler and I won't back down!

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Offshore Wife said...

Oh how I feel your pain!! We too are in potty training hell. Makinlee is in the same situation. She starts school August 30th and MUST be potty trained. We cannot back out as the company has forked over 7K for the international school. I even took her out of play school this month so that we could focus on potty training . Yesterday, she used the potty 4 times on her own. Then she got pissed at me, pissed on the floor, and continued to walk through it tracking it all over the living room. I was then pissed. Makinlee is a very smart little girl. She knows so many things and has even started reading some. I KNOW she is ready but the problem is she is so like me. It has to be her way and there is no way around that. God help us both!