Friday, April 25, 2008


I, like many other fashionistas thought Crocs were the ugliest space like shoes when they first came out. Ok, I am not a fashionista but I like to pretend I am every so often. I really couldn't understand why people would wear them or furthermore pay decent money for them. I had friends who said they were superb but I was still skeptical.

And then I tried an imitation pair that were on sale (like $5) to wear around the house or while working outside. I love them! Seriously. It's like walking on air. I was sold and had to have more. My first real pair of Crocs were these:

They are the Croc Athens and they are very comfortable. I got a black and a brown pair. The best feature is that when they get dirty you can just spray them off and they are like new again. My only gripe is that they stretch out a bit over time and it looks like I am wearing my husband's shoes.

I would like to try these next. They aren't quite as sporty at the Athens and I like that.

And because I have given up on all sense of fashion (aka...strappy sandals that give you blisters and kill your feet) I think I would also like to try these Crocs:

I like these because they look like they can be dressed up or down and it would be a change for me to have a sandal that doesn't go between my toes.

And these look like fun without the pain. I would love to see how they look on. Nothing like a heal to make those legs look long and sexy (just what I need, lol).

I have a ballet pair of Crocs similar to these but I really like the open back on these. It gives them a summery look. The only thing I sometimes have a problem with is the narrow toe area. I have wide toes and my feet get pretty narrow towards the back so the front squishes my toes and my feet pop out of the back all day. Was that too much information?

I have always loved the wedge heel. It does wonders for your legs and these just look comfortable.

And if you can't tell by now that I am a real risk taker when it comes to color selection, I will let you know now...I love black and brown sandals. I always go back to these and other natural colors. They work best with my wardrobe and so if it's ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

So if you must try some Crocs I suggest you go to their website and check out the huge selection. If you want to buy some for me, I am ok with that, too. I wear a size 9. I know...big feet, right? That is a whole new blog post in itself. Oh, and check out the shoes for the wee ones as well.


Danielle said...

huh...if your feet are huge in a 9 what does that make my 10 size feet? grotesque???!!! lol...i didn't know crocs came in so many styles! might have to find me a pair....or 4...haha!


Lacy said...

You should pick up a pair. They are so comfortable. And if you search around online you can often find good sales on them. But, I am sure you already know that.