Sunday, April 27, 2008

summer clothes...update

After much frustration online I decided to go shop locally for some summer clothes for my wee one.
The whole family loaded in the family wagon and headed to JcPenny's, and Kohl's. Neither store had anything I liked. So I made one last attempt at The Children's Place. At first my selection was sparse but then I asked the manager what else they might have in the back or in the drawers.
He came back with a ton of stuff. I got these shorts in 6 colors:
And then I got these tops:

Plus more. I got 13 items total. All together I spent (drum roll please)....
$38.00 for everything! I didn't spend over $3 on any item. I walked out of that store on cloud 9.
So run to your local Children's Place and be sure to ask about any over stock in the back. Why are you still reading this?!

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