Thursday, April 24, 2008

summer clothes

In an attempt to get my son ready for the hot summer to come I have been doing some summer clothes shopping. I love shopping whether it's for me, my family, my home, gifts, etc. But this year has been a hard one when it comes to shopping for my son. He recently graduated from toddler sizes to big boy sizes and the selection is horrible. In my opinion a lot of the big boy clothes are grungy and look used. I love all the bright summer colors and since my son wasn't cursed with is father's pale Irish skin, he WILL wear these fabulous summer colors.

So on my journey to pick up some clothes at good prices I did manage to get some essentials that I like. I still need more tops. He is all set on shorts as these were just a few more to add to the collection.

I love soft shorts and so does he. Jeans and heavy shorts are so uncomfortable when the weather is 100 degrees and up. We bought the last pair of cotton shorts in blue and black as well.

As you can shirt selection is slim and he actually needs more tops right now. After going to my usual shopping favorites ( Children's Place, Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy) this is all I ended up with. I think I need to actually go to some local stores and see what I can find.

I love hats and my son has many. You can never have enough out here in the sahara. lol

Shoes were the easiest thing to find. I scored big at The Children's Place on the tennis shoes. They were each about $10 or less and they will last through winter (I hope). I still want to pick up a new pair or Crocs for him since he is almost out of the size he is currently wearing. I hope his huge feet mean he will be tall.


Diario de Elysia said...

Don't forget Target, I love their selection of shorts and shirts and they are on sale right now.

Love those Sperries, D has a pair similar to those.

I am still interested in the new Crocs you said you liked. Post a link so I can see.

Lacy said...

I usually have luck at Target as well but now that we are in big boy's sizes the selection is blah. Target has adorable toddler clothes.