Wednesday, April 16, 2008


After seeing some really cool looking knitted and crocheted washcloths I set off on a mission to make my own. I bought cotton yard since it would be perfect for scrubbing and washing. I started with knitting which only reaffirmed that I suck at knitting. But in my own defense, I wasn't using a pattern. So I moved on to crocheting since I am much more confident in that skill. I haven't gotten far but so far I am pleased.

I chose some summer colors and plan to use this washcloth in my kitchen/sink. Hopefully my skill will improve and I can make a set of them in different colors and tie a pretty ribbon around them (like the ones in the first picture) and display them in the bathroom. I would also like to make a pretty trim around the outside for the ones in the bathroom.

If you want to try this yourself I will suggest a pattern. It just makes it easier. I found a free pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website. I haven't used this pattern yet. Also, you can find a million more patterns for knitting and crocheting at JoAnn's.

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