Friday, May 2, 2008

lovin arizona

I have to admit...I LOVE Arizona this time of year.

It's not too hot yet (90's) but warm enough to enjoy playing outside AND in water. The evenings are even better. The neighborhood is full of wee ones and families trying cram in all the fun before the temps rise. We get very hot here in the's amazing that anyone lives here...really. How hot, you ask? Try 118 degrees hot. I can cook my eggs on my driveway HOT.
So we are getting out and enjoying every minute of this weather while we can. We frequent the parks, the sprinkler water park, and just about anywhere that the kids can play.

I love being a stay at home now more than ever. We (moms) sit, chat, (chase the kiddos) and work on our tan while the kids play their sweet little hearts out. Then we eat lunch in the park or go somewhere for lunch and head home where the kids pass out in the car on the way from exhaustion. It's great!
I will have to remember these joyous moments in a few months when I burning up.

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