Thursday, May 15, 2008

something must suffer...

and it's you. By you I blog. Ok, so let me start over. It seems like when one area of my life is going well another area will suffer. Right now I am busy busy busy with summer activities, birthday plans, getting our home ready to sell, and photography. Therefore...I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry.

My son's birthday is coming up (the big 4) and I am trying to get the invites completed and in the mail. I took him outside yesterday to play and get some snapshots to add to the front of his invite.

I love getting photo invites so I try to always send them.

As you already know (if you read my blog) we are hoping to move up to the freezing cold state of North Dakota. Don't ask'll take far too long to explain. We have came to the conclusion that even if we don't move this time (we will find out in the next month or so if we can move this summer) we do plan to move eventually. So I am cleaning out all the rooms and staging them for when we put the house up for sale. It's SO MUCH WORK! I didn't realize how personalized our home is until I started depersonalizing. But it's also been fun and rewarding. I did my living room the other day.

disclaimer: we will be getting new furniture after we move.


Melanie said...

I hear you...the school year is coming to close for me and it takes everything I have to finish the school year and unfourtunately my blog also suffers. I love your living room. I like the sofa and chair. I enjoy retro! Loving the chrome on them. I have a 1950s kitchen table and chairs that I adore.

Diario de Elysia said...

He is getting so big and good looking!