Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wedding dress dilemma

I am cleaning out the closets and come across my wedding gown. It's huge, bulky, and takes up a lot of closet space. I want to move it somewhere safe and out of the way. Wait...why am I keeping it? Because it's YOUR wedding dress!And so I get in an argument with myself over whether to keep it or pass it on. Here are my arguments (rambling included for your pleasure).

1. keep it
It's my wedding dress and I am instantly transformed into a princess when I put it on. At this point I don't have any daughters but maybe one day they will want to wear it or a part of it. I just don't want to regret getting rid of it down the road because of lack of space now.

I could even have something made out of it. I did a search online and found a lot of wedding dresses turned into quilts. Check out these below:

Or I could even have my dress turned into pillow that I can have my children use as the ring pillow for their own weddings.

2. pass it on

Even if I turned it into a quilt...I would still need to find a place to store it. I don't have daughters to pass it on to and if I did I don't want them to feel pressured into wearing my dress. That is if they even wear the same size. I could sell it or give it to someone who could use it. Therefore clearing out the space in my closet. It's not like I will ever wear it why is it so hard to give away?

What did you do with your wedding dress? Are you keeping it? Tossing it? Do tell.


Melanie said...

What fantastic ideas for keeping such a treasure! Maybe I could do something like that with my fancy dresses to like formals and proms, etc.. from the past because where on Earth would I wear them again? As for my wedding dress...I wore regular clothes as I got married in Romania and didn't worry about anything fancy. I could have, I guess, but chose not to at the time.

Diario de Elysia said...

I have actually toyed with the idea of having two christening gowns made (since there is more than enough material.

One for Gabby's child(ren)
One for Derrick's child(ren)

But I love that quilt idea!

Lacy said...

I like the christening gown idea.