Wednesday, October 29, 2008

we've been BOO'ed

On our way out of the house we came across a Halloween bag full of goodies. I looked around and no one was there so we took it inside and opened it up (who wouldn't, it was full of candy!!). Inside the bag there was candy, some kid's craft items, and a note. The note basically said that we have been BOO'ed and now it's our turn to BOO someone new. We have to keep it a secret though. I thought this was pretty cool and immediately went to work on a BOO bag to give away.

After it was sewed up and ready I filled it up with candy and my son and I headed out the door to BOO a neighbor. My 1st mistake was bringing my son because he

1. tried to go in the people's home and play with the children
2. ran down the street signing, "we're gonna BOO you!"
3. managed to fall on the sidewalk in front of their home when they opened the door

I am about 99.9% sure they knew it was us. And that last .1% was confirmed by the fact that 30 minutes later a knock came to the door with a new BOO bag. So I think they probably felt bad for us and BOO'ed us back. lol So now the vicious circle of BOO'ing continues and we will be making new BOO bags tomorrow to secretly hand out with my mom. But next time I will put the diva in me aside and use some cheap Halloween bags to avoid blowing my cover.


Diario de Elysia said...

Have fun with your mom. And LOL at all the Boo'ing. We Booed a few neighbors an only one followed through...BOO to the ones who didn't!

LOL at the NoBama pic! Uhm so are you moving to Canada to when he wins? Ha Ha Ha!

Lacy said...

The BOO'ing was pretty fun but I am a little glad it is over cause we kept getting boo'ed back.

No point in moving to Canada if Obama wins cause the US will be just like Canada with super high gas prices and crappy health care. I don't want the gov running my life and NObama is shady.