Monday, November 3, 2008

i am sewing like a mad woman...

and I haven't even started on x-mas yet. I have so many projects to start, or complete and I never seem to catch up. Over the last few weeks I have made my husband his long awaited University of Arizona Wildcat quilt with a matching ball (not pictured and hiding somewhere in my home). I just love rag quilts but I prefer them with cotton on top. They look better that way (in my opinion).
And then there was the fireman treat bag for Halloween. Luckily that was easy and something he can tote around his toys in after Halloween.

I have started working on some fleece pants for my son which was simple enough but I have only made one pair so far and need to make about 3 more. Another project to complete .
And last but certainly not least I got the 'felt' bug and have been making some felt food which my son adores. It's been pretty easy so far but the more complicated food is stumping me. So I bought this book and look forward to getting that in the mail. I am thinking about making some tutorials with the food I have already made but that will just have to go on the 'to do' list for now.

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