Saturday, August 15, 2009

the nursery

As you might remember, my lovely crib bedding set I bought many months ago was back ordered with no date set for shipment. I went on a search for another set I loved and found the perfect one. It's very different from the first set but so cute and girly. I got it on sale at Land of Nod. Here is a picture of it from their website.

The problem with buying things on sale is that the coordinating pieces are usually sold out and that was the case here. Luckily, I'm crafty and will make do. I am still waiting on another shipment from them with the rest of my items so I will wait to show you the bedding in my nursery until I get all the pieces in but I will share with you last night's $5 craft that I made to match the baby's decor.
I blurred out her name for obvious security reasons. I don't think any of you are psychos but when it comes to my kids I like to be on the safe side.

I bought the 8x10 canvas at Michael's (on sale this week) and some acrylic paint to match (also on sale) and made these two canvas pieces to accent her bedding.

The secret to the polka dots was using those little round garage sale stickers.

They peeled right off with a toothpick afterwards. And for the stripes I just used regular painter's tape (cause we have enough of it around here). One thing I did learn is that you want to pull it off shortly after painting it or it will pull off paint around it.

I have many crafts in the process as I prepare the baby's room for her arrival and I hope to get them all done soon so I can share them with you.

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Brittany Palma said...

I love the nursery!! I wish I could be there for the baby! I miss all three of you! Give Elijah a kiss for me!!