Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We are a two computer household.  We use a laptop in the living room (where I often check my e-mail, facebook, and blogs as I nurse the baby) and we have a desktop down in the den (or what my husband calls the 'man cave').  I save all my photos and files, edit my photos, pay my bills, etc. on the desktop. 

Well, last week the hard drive on our desktop died or as the computer repair man said, "it's fried".  We were in the process of replacing the previous external drive which broke with a new one so that we could save our documents and photos BUT we didn't do it in time and all these precious files are gone now.  We are looking into all options to recover them and have a friend computer guru helping us so we are hopeful.

On top of losing all our files we also had to replace our old HP desktop.  This was our 2nd HP and they've been good to us.  We decided to go with another brand this time to see what the competition has to offer.  We went with a Gateway (arrived yesterday) and we love it!  We got a great deal on it from TigerDirect.com which I highly recommend.   Soooooo....I plan on getting back to blogging soon but need to finish getting the computer set up and going first.  We have lots of projects going on here and I wil be posting all about them soon!

If you haven't backed up your files go do it now! 


Coco said...

I am thinking about using one of those online storage services. I have lost external drives with everything on it too. Fortunately the files were still on my desktop.

Lacy said...

We bought a smaller less fragile external drive so we are hopeful for this one but may also look into online storage as a backup. If I can get organized I would like to burn all pictures at the end of each month onto a cd.