Tuesday, June 1, 2010

easy peasy headboard

I'm finally getting back to blogging and have my programs download on my new computer.  I bet you thought I was never gonna post again.

My son's monster room was the first room painted in our home once we moved in.  This was his first time sleeping in his own room (couldn't get the kid out of my bed but I secretly didn't mind all that much) so we wanted it to be something fun and exciting for him to sleep in.  He chose a monster theme with colors that I LOVE.  It's easy to chnage the comforter when he's done with Monsters and still keep the walls and decor the same which was a must. I've shared pictures before here.

Although it was the 1st room painted it still isn't finished like every other room in our home.  We needed shelves, a headboard, and to paint the wood trim white.  Well, all but the wood trim has been done and the latest of these projects is the headboard my husband built. 
I saw some headboard ideas in a magazine and drew up my own version of what I thought would work in my son's room.    I went and had the wood cut at Lowe's and shared my vision with my husband 3 times  so he could build it for me. My husband is so great about helping me build my visions and all my projects I throw at him.  He's cool like that. 

Here's my drawing.  We used 1x8's for it and just cut them to fit his full size bed.  I wanta say 54in. wide but it's been a couple of weeks and I still have my mommy brain (hoping to use that excuse for at least another 4 months).  Our cost was under $20.
We chose orange to match his stripes on the opposite wall.
His room is really coming together nicely and it's a fun room which is important to us.  I love decorating but more importantly I want my home to be a place we want to live in.  My mom had a room when we were growing up that we avoided at all cost and I swear she would know if we even walked through that room.  I never want to have one of those rooms.

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Anne Y-G said...

You are sooo talented!! Love his room.

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Caci said...

very cute!

Lacy said...

Thank you ladies!

Rose, I linked up to your party. Cool site.

Condo Blues said...

What a fun room! Will you be my mom?

Rose :: FineCraftGuild.com said...

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It's beautiful and well presented.

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