Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my personal yard candy

or the start of it anyways. We are planting lots of flowers and watching old ones bloom again.  This time of year makes all those awful winter days of sub zero temps almost worth while. 
When we first moved here I never understood how people could spend all their time and money on flowers and gardens when they really could only enjoy them for 3-5 months total a year.  After spending 2 miserable winters in North Dakota and buying a home here I finally get it.  Infact I have spent most of my day working in the yard.

Remember my mailbox post? 
the address has been blocked out for our privacy

We put the decal on the new mailbox, put the new post in (the green post is our newpaper box), and even started planting a few flowers.  I think I may add a couple more flowers.  Any excuse to go back to the greenhouse.  I LOVE that place.  Maybe living here will help me get that green thumb I've always wanted.

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