Thursday, July 1, 2010

my garden man

The other day my husband asked why I haven't blogged about our garden (this is our 1st year planting a garden and our 1st full summer in our new home).  Aside from being super busy all the time I really didn't have an answer for him on that. 

So here it is.
My husband has done most of the work on the garden because my hands are often full with a baby. So the garden has been his labor of love.  And when I say labor, I'm not kidding.  The weeds crazy crazy fast.

I don't know how my 65 year old neighbor does it.

I'm the only one in this house who will eat a tomato (love them) and we have 4 large plants.  I'm thinking I'll be learning how to can next.
My second favorite tied with the pumpkins thing we planted was the lettuce.  I can't wait to walk out back and cut some for our dinner salad.
Oh, and I can't forget the cucumbers either. 

 Maybe we'll try pickling a few.

and the rhubarb...
I plan on making some rhubarb pie very soon

Closer to the house we have a ton of berries and some pumpkins, mint and cilantro. 

I really hope to get a few pumpkins.  Fall is my favorite season and having more pumpkins to carve or decorate with would be great!
This is berry lane.   We have june berries on the other side of the house as well.  I have yet to find a good recipe for the gooseberries. 

We are a berry happy family.
 I crack myself up.

And since I'm sharing with you all my husband's hard work I might as well throw this picture in there, too.  He put this swingset together with some help from my step dad in just a few days. 

He's so handy!

And this photo's for me.  I LOVE this little chair. 

Isn't she lovely?

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