Saturday, July 17, 2010

my new steamvac

The older I get the more domesticated I get and the more domesticated I get the more I get excited over new cleaning appliances. 
Weird, huh? 
 Good news is that I'm not alone.  Apparantly this is happening to many of my friends as well so that makes be feel ok about it. 
my home is cleaner so it's all good if I get excited over a new steam vac right?

So if you haven't guess it after reading my title, we bought a new steam cleaner.  I've been wanting one since I paid over $100 to a carpet cleaning service for a one time cleaning.  I knew I'd save a ton buying one vs. paying for the service once a year.  So we did our research and went with one of consumer reports' favorites.

While doing research on this baby I came across some before and after photos on Amazon like this one.

Pictures don't lie and I love being able to see actual proof that a product works before I spend money on it, ya know?

 Just like a kid with a new toy I put my new steamvac to work the same night I got it!  It worked great and I was impressed to say the least.  So I decided to take my own before and after pictures on the next area I cleaned (the dreaded hallway).  Our hallway carpet is a light colored low profile carpet and it gets so dirty. I tried setting down a rug in that area but it just gets tripped over and moved around too much. It's a busy area and steam cleaning seems to be our only option at this time.  Here is the dirtiest area I could find.

I was afraid it was too dirty in this specific area for even my mighty new steamvac but it proved me wrong.  So it's two thumbs up on this Hoover for me!

I haven't been paid by Hoover.  This is just my personal experience.  But if you work at Hoover and wanna send some dough my way, I'll give you my address, K? 

Just kidding...kinda


La Diva Latina said...

LOL Lacy, "Just kidding, well kinda"

We need to replace the carpet came with the house originally and it is fugtastically nasty!

I think it's beyond the service cleaners and your new beauty!

I love getting new worth the money when you think about it..great choice!

Em said...

I love the chair makeover in your previous post! I'm one of your newest followers...come check out my blog sometime!