Friday, August 13, 2010

busy busy busy

Since we got back from our trip to Minneapolis we've been super duper busy.  I haven't had any time to craft, work on my new shop, or blog.  Poor Lacy.  What has kept us so busy, you ask?

Well, first it's the garden.  We LOVE being able to go out back and pick food for dinner along with 100 mosquito bites daily.  And lately, picking the veggies in our garden has been a daily chore because they are growing like crazy.  We plan on pickling the cucumbers and canning some tomatoes for winter. 

So far we have froze several squash (after blanching them) and will be blanching green beans for freezing this week as well.  I think we'll have a nice supply of food for winter.  I'm most excited about the tomatoes because I plan on making it into homemade pasta sauce (100% natural with no preservatives or sugar) and it looks like we'll have several jars when I'm done. 

We go through a good amount of pasta sauce in this house.

We've also gotten some back to school shopping done for my son who's going into 1st grade. I've heard boys are much easier than girls when it comes to back to school clothes shopping and I'd have to agree. He picked out 5 new shirts in about 5 minutes and I bought him 3 new pairs of pants online and we're done. Everything else (new shoes, glasses, socks, etc.) was purchased throughout the summer as needed. I doubt my daughter will be this easy when it's her time for clothes shopping.

Luckily, I have about 3+ years before I have to worry about that!

Speaking of the little princess....
She has grown again and I'm packing away all her baby clothes 9 months and smaller.
She has a TON of clothes thanks to Grandma, my friend Janna (who has 3 girls and handed down a ton of stuff to us), and of of course my own love of shopping.

We've been so busy that we haven't even had time to take the old toilet to the dump.
Hey, I'm just keeping it real folks!

Oh, and if you're wondering, we LOVE our new toilet so much that we wish we would've gotten an extra one for our other bathroom as well.  Can you imagine us trying to fit another toilet in the car? 

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Laurel said...

Just put the toilet in your front yard and plant some flowers in it! =)
Do you have a good recipe for spaghetti sauce...I have made freezer spaghetti sauce, but haven't canned any...if you have a good recipe and are willing to share I'd appreciate it...
Glad you are enjoying your garden!