Thursday, August 5, 2010

road trip

We spent the last week in Minneapolis!  We all squished jumped in the car for a good ol' family road trip.  The 5-6 hour drive took us 8-10 hours.
My husband drove most of the way.  I did however drive in North Dakota.  I wouldn't dare drive in Minneapolis.  I prefer the desolate North Dakota roads.
I think the highlight of our trip was the Mall of America.
My son loves the Nickelodeon Park.  He rode the rides with my husband and father in law.  His favorite was Brainsurge.
My favorite part of the trip was the shopping.  After you've lived in a super duper small town without a Target for 2 years you really start to appreciate shopping at a variety of stores.  We may have bought a little too much.  After our visit to Costco my husband had to rearrange the luggage again.

Yes, we bought a toilet.  Weird, right?  We were super excited to score a great deal on this toilet. 

I told you we live in a small town and are easily excited by big stores and good deals.
I got to change a dirty diaper while my in-laws and husband did all the hard work fitting the toilet and a dozen other bags in the car.
This is how my son spent his time in the car.  The Nintendo DS got A LOT of play!

They finally got all our junk in the car barely. But we no longer had enough room for my father in law's beer.
So he drank it right there in the Costco parking lot.  I kid. I kid...he brought it with him.  He's a bit of a comedian.
Our last stop on the way home is one of my favorite stores.  Hobby Lobby.  It's in Fargo which is about 2 hours from our home so it's a bit of a treat to shop there for me since it doesn't happen very often.
My mother-in-law and I were stoked about Hobby Lobby but the guys weren't.  My father in law was especially bummed.
We had a great trip but we are so happy to be home.  I have 6 piles of laundry waiting for me and a new toilet to watch my husband install so I better run.

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Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Looks like you had a FUN roadtrip! :) And I hope you enjoyed your time in my neck of the woods! I'm a MN lifer. :) Although I wish that Hobby Lobby were right here in the cities!!!!