Monday, February 21, 2011

and then there were 3

If you are a friend of mine you already know that I am pregnant again.  If you are just a fabulous reader of mine I will share the good news with you now.  We are expecting our third child in the beginning of September. 

The ironic thing about me getting pregnant again is that at one time it wasn't such an easy thing for me.  In the beginning of our marriage (back when we lived in Arizona) we struggled to conceive my son for over a year.  As soon as we made that 1st appointment with a infertility specialist to get some answers I ended up pregnant without the help of any doctors.  Unfortunately, my pregnancy ended in a miscarrage.  This was devastating but also a sign of hope for us since we knew we could get pregnant.  About 6 months later I was pregnant again with this guy.
  My son was a hard baby to care for.  Some people think it was because of his difficult birth and maybe that had something to do with it.  He grew out of it and turned into the best toddler I could ever ask for.  So when he was a toddler we decided to try for another baby without any luck.

We moved to North Dakota when he was 4 years old.  Only 5 months after moving to North Dakota I was finally pregnant.

My son had a baby sister.
and only 5 months after she turned one...
we found out were are expecting again.
I realize that this can be a bit of a personal thing to write about online for all the world to see.  My message isn't 'move to North Dakota to become fertile' but  maybe to give someone suffering from infertility hope.  In my case I learned to make the best of the blessing(s) I was given and to trust in the Lord and his plan.


Sara Mcquilling said...

You have a really nice family. Congrads, I wish you the best. I just had my 5th child.

Mohamed Hany said...

nice word.