Friday, January 28, 2011

fabric resolutions

If you follow my blog you know that I sew a lot and happen to have a huge stash of fabric.  If you don't follow my blog or just wanna see my huge fabric stash click here
 It's a sickness
BUT there is hope yet for me.  This year I've decided that I will refrain from buying any new fabric (unless absolutely necessary) and I will sew through ALL of the fabric I already have.  By the end of the year I hope those shelves are bare.  The reason for this?  My craft room is always a mess and I feel so wasteful just buying new fabric all the time.  It could also be an early case of the 'spring cleaning bug' taking over me.  I'll keep my scraps cause I always use those but will have to find a better way to orgnanize them. 
 If there is such a thing. 

Most of my fabric is about a yard or two long.  Perfect length for toddler pj's.  I made these spring pajamas for my daughter.
(notice that I've mentioned spring twice so far...yes, I'm ready for winter to be over).
I'm proud to say that I've been sewing clothing without a pattern and as challenging as it may be at times it's also very rewarding.  I usually will just use a piece of my daughter's clothing to give me measurements for the new item I'm making.

I picked up this Eddie Bauer wrinkle free women's button down blouse at my thrift store for $1.  I loved the design (but would never wear the shirt) so I made big plans to design my own toddler dress out of it.
And here is that same shirt in a toddler's size 12 month dress.
and the back.
Hey, it's hard to keep a toddler still.

And if you're wondering about the bathroom I'm happy to announce that we are over half way done. We are waiting on a contractor for some drywalling but aside from that and our closet area everything is moving along nicely. 

Here is an action shot of my hubby ripping out the old vanity.

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Cierra Pera said...

Would you ever have time to post a sew by sew of a project? I would love to see a dress take shape step by step.