Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i heart valentines

After taking down all the Christmas decor it was nice to have some empty spaces.  It seems like Christmas takes over the whole house and after a month I'm ready to take it down. 

And only a short week or two later I'm itching to start decorating for the next holiday. 
Valentine's Day
I didn't have many V-day decorations so I decided to make some this year.
I decoupaged this $1 frame from Michael's with some scrap book paper my sister picked out while we shopped the Archiver's Scrapbook store in the Mall of America a couple weeks ago.  I love it.  The total cost for this cute frame was less than $2.

Next I just added a red doily to the center frame which brings a nice hint of color to this wall.  Never mind the tiny white spot under the shelf.  We puttied it and need to paint it.
I even decided to pull out the sewing machine (as if it's ever away) and sew up some cute dish towels to hang in my kitchen. 

I used this free pattern to make myself a ruffled apron with some v-day cotton I picked up a year or two ago.
And since it's still FREEZING out here in North Dakota we keep our fleece Valentine's Day blanket my mother in law made us a while back on the couch.  I snuggle with it daily.

  This side table is one of the first things you see when you walk in my front door.  I used my pottery barn vases I showed you how to make here and filled them with conversation heart candy and some pink filler I bought on sale last year.  I also added some heart stringed confetti to fill my lamp.  I love this lamp.

Last but certainly not least I added a few hearts and v-day cards to this open frame.  It's looking a little sad now but I'll add a cute card or two to it soon.

 Well, that's it for now. If you're wondering how our bathroom remodel is going we've got the new bath tub installed now. That cast iron tub was so hard to remove. My husband beat it with a sledge hammer for a good hour.

Look at this monster.

As soon as we get a chance to get into town to buy some supplies we are gonna rip out the vanity and built in cabinets and my husband will be putting in the new tile.   Here's the latest picture with our new tub.  The outside still needs to be drywalled.

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