Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas 2011

Every year I like to post pictures of our home all Christmas"ed" out.  Unfortunately this year I wasn't able to go all out because we had to replace our floors due to a water leak.  In fact we are still installing the baseboards but at least our flooring is in and it's quite beautiful. 

We hardly have any snow this year.  Just enough to dust the trees until it melts (but I'm not complaining at all).  So here is the front of the house as you enter our main front door.  I'll avoid any snowless brown grass photos for you.  My mother in law and I made this garland many years ago and it's held up so well.  I strung lights on it this year and put it around our planter box.

The snowmen wreath is a University of Arizona wreath which my husband loves to display.  If he had it his way our whole home would be decorated in Arizona Wildcats stuff.
So come on in...
(I made this rag wreath with scraps from a quilt I made the first year we lived in North Dakota.)

The entrance is simple but I love it.  My son made the green wreath on the left.  I'm all about homemade decorations.

And continuing on to our dining area.  On the left we have our Christmas cards on display.

If you sent us a card, then it's on display here.

We love Christmas cards!

I love this little snowman.  He makes an appearance every Christmas.

And into the living room where the stockings are hanging above the tv (since I didn't finish my stocking holder I started this year, shocking...I know).  I don't know why this picture came out crooked.  I'm thinking I was trying to avoid a dog or child from being in the photo. 

They love to sneak in my pictures.
(we watch Elmo daily)

And last but certainly not least...our tree.

It looked so much nicer a few weeks back when I first put it up.  The kids decorated it and did a great job BUT over time my darling 2 year old daughter has added and removed so many ornaments that it's looking a little sad these days.  But at least it's still standing.  I was certain that it was gonna get knocked over a few times.  lol

Well, that's it for us.  I've actually enjoyed keeping the decor simple this year.  Have a
Merry Christmas!

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The Art of Homemaking said...

I love the wall paper in your entry way!! I always swoon over wallpaper...especially from Anthropologie's website ;)